We are aware that we need to have the best team to achieve the best results. It is only through the expertise and knowledge of our team that we are able to deliver products of premium quality to you. As an employer, we also care about the rights, safety and well-being of people inside and outside the company. For this reason, we have introduced a whistleblowing system to enable individuals to report unlawful conduct while preventing retaliation against them.

The Cardbox Group staff are obliged to comply with the Code of Conduct. By “staff”, we mean both men and women, including all individuals who are in an employment or similar relationship with the Cardbox Group. Please help us fight misconduct in a timely manner to protect our staff, customers and business partners from financial and non-material damage (reputational damage, loss of trade secrets and other confidential information, etc.)! We assure you that the information received in this process will be used in accordance with and within the scope of all legal regulations and that we have obtained all required permissions to operate the whistleblowing system.


In order to meet the legal requirements for reporting unlawful conduct or imminent infringement, a mechanism for “protected reporting” (whistleblowing) has been introduced.

Whistleblowing is an increasingly recognised tool for the prevention and detection of unlawful conduct, including corruption and fraud, which aims to contribute to the early detection of such conduct and prevent any negative consequences connected therewith. The portal allows you to report efficiently and anonymously, thus avoiding any retaliatory measures that can be taken as a result of your report.

The purpose of the bill on whistleblower protection is to transpose the Directive and introduce protection for whistleblowers who report unlawful conduct in certain areas of which they become aware in connection with their work. Protected persons are to include employees, persons on duty, self-employed individuals, volunteers, interns, as well as business partners and customers.

You can report anything that appears to you as a violation of the law and the company’s obligations. This includes fraud and invoicing-related misconduct, corruption or bribery, as well as any violation of OSH rules or environmental offences.
Whistleblowers submitting false reports to harm another individual or the company will be sanctioned according to applicable regulations. Reports made in good faith that are later proved to be unfounded do not result in any liability or sanction against the whistleblower.

A case can be reported directly to Cardbox Packaging via the interactive form at tell.cardbox-packaging.com. You can report a case either anonymously or with your contact details. Provision of personal data is voluntary. If you would like to use another whistleblowing channel, please go to CONTACTS.

All reports are received by the relevant person in the Cardbox Group, who then investigates them and proposes remedial measures.

Whistleblowers can contact the relevant person under their own name (in which case we will automatically inform them about the investigation) or anonymously. If you decide to file a report anonymously, your identity cannot be revealed. If you want to receive a feedback on your report, please provide any contact details in the online form below. For example, we recommend to create a fake e-mail address.

You can report a case either anonymously or with your contact details. Your report and your identity are strictly confidential. The whistleblowing system is a subject to the Austrian Data Protection Act. The system is protected using state-of-the-art methods. In case of an investigation, data will be processed, disclosed or transferred to third parties only to the extent permitted by law and to the extent necessary. If you decide to file a report anonymously, your identity cannot be revealed.


PLEASE NOTE: Unfounded reports with the aim of harming the company or individuals will be sanctioned according to the applicable regulations.

We protect your personal data. By contacting us, you acknowledge you understand the  General Data Protection Regulation.